Congratulations for receiving match funding from Santander University! 

Here is a detailed guide on the next steps required. 

How do we receive the money match funded on our project?

We transfer these funds a little differently from how we transfer the money that you have raised from the crowd. This is through a different system called a Crowdfunder wallet. It includes additional due diligence checks.  

Do we need to fulfil any other criteria to secure this match funding?

Please note that you will still need to fulfil the terms and conditions of the competition before receiving the £1,000. There may also be other criteria that you need to fulfil specific to that fund, so please double check the eligibility criteria for the fund.  

In order to be able to receive the funds, you'll need to complete the following two steps…

  1. Send a scan of a bank statement confirming the organisation's bank account details to This will be the bank account that you would like to have the funds transferred to (the same account you will provide details for in your Crowdfunder Wallet).
  2. Set up a Crowdfunder Wallet... 

2.a. To do this, follow this link on your project dashboard…

Or you might see this link…


2.b. Click where it says ‘Crowdfunder Wallet’ which will take you to the page below. 

Please note, you will need to add your wallet as an Individual.

2.c. Add the details of the bank account that the money will be transferred to. Please add the organisation/universities bank account details where possible. Please note, If adding an organisation or university bank account, you will need to enter the account name as the main signatory on the account.

2.b. Add a form of government issued photo ID that matches the signatory on the bank account or the bank account holder's name if the bank account belongs to an individual.

It will take 72 hours for the documents to be verified. Please check your wallet in 72 hours to make sure that the documents have been accepted. You may need to refresh the page a couple of times to see the updated screen. 

How long will it take for the match funding to be transferred to our account?

After your project has successfully closed and you have completed all the steps above it will take approximately 7 working days for the money to be transferred. 

Get in touch if you have any questions. 

Congratulations again!

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