Step 1. Set up your Funding wallet.

  1. Click the Complete setup button on your dashboard.

2. Make sure to select the right option for your bank account type:

If you're a charity or a CIO only registered with the Charity Commission or you are unregistered, select ‘Organisation' in the drop down, then ‘Setup Wallet

3. Complete your Organisation details

Registered Address: Please fill out your organisations registered address.

Legal representative: You will need to upload the ID for this person in step 6. The name, DOB and address details must exactly match their ID! Your legal representative could be a director, trustee or other responsible person.

4. Complete your Bank account details

Important: The Account holder must be your organisation name (not an individual person’s name) and must exactly match the organisation name in step 3. Also, in this section, fill out the address that appears on your bank statement (even if this is not the postal address of your organisation and is the personal address of a trustee for example)

5. Upload required documents.

ID document: This needs to be the ID of the Legal Representative you listed in step 3. Make sure the .pdf image is clear, in date and show all corners and edges of the ID.

Please see for troubleshooting.

Proof of registration: Upload your organisation’s governance documents, and this depends on your legal setup. Check with your trustees if you aren’t sure. Your certificate of registration has to be an official copy from the Charity Commission. You can request a copy via their website.

Certified articles of association: Your articles of association is the document which outlines the purpose of the organisation and the responsibilities of its members. These would have been registered with the Charity Commission when the organisation was established. For some organisations it is just their Constitution, which is a set of fundamental principles which states how your organisation is to be structured.

If you are an unregistered organisation and only have one Governing document, for example a Constitution, load this into both ‘Proof of registration’ and ‘Certified articles of association’ (if this document is not signed you will need to sign a copy and date it before uploading).

Please ensure your documents are dated within the last 12 months. If they are older than 12 months please sign and date them yourself, stating they are still current.

Important: These documents must:

  • Be PDF
  • Include all pages (not just the page with signatures)
  • Your Articles of association or equivalent must have been signed within the last 12 months. If not, please sign and date the document yourself before uploading it.

Email if you need any help.

6. Check your wallet after 1-2 days to see if your documents have been verified or you need to resubmit.

Step 2. Organisation bank statement

Email this to This must include the following information to be accepted, and match the Bank Account details submitted in MangoPay.

  1. Bank logo
  2. Organisation address
  3. Account number and sort code
  4. Organisation name
  5. Statement date (within the last 6 months)

Here’s an example of what we need to see:

We cannot accept Excel downloads, .xlsx copies or screenshots of your statement - it must be a PDF, or a scan / photo of a statement like the above.

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