We have been working with Charities Trust and have launched our Charity Fundraiser feature. If your charity is already set up here, people can start donating immediately. Alternatively you or your supporters can set up a charity fundraiser. All the funds raised and the Gift Aid will go directly to your charity bank account via Charities Trust. It can take 4 to 8 weeks for the funds to reach your charities bank account.

There will be no fees taken and Crowdfunder cover all the third party transaction and gift aid processing charges so we give your supporters a chance to leave us an optional tip to help cover the platform costs.

If you are not already on our platform and need to register your charity you will need to go to follow this link https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/charity-crowdfunding and scroll to the bottom of the page. Please input your details so that we can add you to the Charities platform.

Please be aware that there is a delay on setting up new charities on our fundraising system at the moment. If you need to raise money immediately and are not already registered with us then you can run a project through our Coronavirus response platform here and click the Start Crowdfunding button, you will not be subject to fees. If you are a representative of the charity you can enter the charity bank details in the financial section so that the funds go directly to the charity.

If you have set up in this way then please note that Crowdfunder does not collect the 25% Gift Aid on your behalf, instead we simply collect the declarations to help speed up the process a little for you. Essentially we give people an opportunity to complete a Gift Aid declaration at the point of making their pledge. The Gift Aid is always processed by yourself as a project owner directly with HMRC after the closure of your campaign. You can see more information on Gift Aid here: Can I claim Gift Aid through my Crowdfunder Project?

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