Extra funding from our funding partners may be available for your project. Continue reading to find out how you apply for funding that you might be eligible for.


An extra funding pop up will show at the bottom on the screen once you have completed the first two sections of your project. Click the Find Out More button to see what funds you can apply for.

This information is also available the extra funds section, just click the find out more link.


When your project is live you will find the funds you could be eligible for by clicking on the 'Extra Funding' tab.

Click on the 'Apply for funding' button to be taken directly to the application form for that fund. Make sure you click on the 'Show Full Criteria' link on each application before you start completing it to ensure your project is eligible.

If successful, the funding partner will be in touch to let you know and we’ll pledge the funding towards your Crowdfunder page.

You can also find all our current funding opportunities on this page.

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