Please note: This article is specifically in relation to National Emergencies Trust fundraisers.

Want to get in touch privately with your supporters through your Crowdfunder page? Well here is how you can message them through your Crowdfunder project dashboard...

Go to your project dashboard and click on the 'Supporters' tab 

1. Individual message
To send an individual message click on the send message button next to the user you want to privately message.

2. Multiple supporter messageSelect the tick box of the supporters that you want to message in the 'Selected' column then click on the 'Message selected' button

3. Message all supporters
You can press 'Message all' to message everyone at once. 

Once you have done one of the above actions you will then see this screen where you can type and send your message. Remember to click send!

You can also click on the 'View Send message button' to look at the message you have already sent.

Please click here to view information about what messages you can send to your supporters

Search functions
If you just want to message supporters who have pledged on a specific reward you can do this by clicking on the drop down under Reward and selecting that reward. 

You can also use the search bar by typing a key word or words or a supporter's name.

Please note: You can message 'Anonymous' supporters through this process. These supporters' names are only hidden from the public, not the project owner. 

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