When you click on our homepage you will currently see three options to choose from. 

Business and Community projects

If your project is a business which has been effected please click on the first button marked business to crowdfund

If your looking to run a community or social enterprise project that is helping to raise funds for people in need during the COVID-19 crisis you need to click on the middle button

By adding your project via these routes this will ensure that your business and community projects will have no fees applied.

Please note: We are responding quickly to this changing situation and with that some projects may have been charged a small fee on some of their initial pledges

While we are unable to refund any fees on pledges already made, we are moving all projects flagged to us over to the 100% free crowdfunding model as soon as we can.

Charity Fundraisers

If you want to raise funds directly for a charity then click on the third option.

You will then need to click I am a Fundraiser option and then you can search for the charity that you want to start fundraising for. These funds are sent to the charities bank account and there are no fees for this option. 

If the charity you are fundraising for is not registered you can still go ahead and run a personal fundraiser for them, the funds will go in to your bank account however transaction fees will be applicable. 

Transaction Fees
Crowdfunder charges a payment processing fee of 1.67% on what you raise, plus 25p and VAT on each pledge. For Non-EU/UK cards (i.e. a pledge from the US), the fee is 3.25%, plus 25p and VAT on each pledge.

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