What is Rocket Fund?
Rocket Fund is a crowdfunding platform just for schools & PTAs.
On a mission to make school out of this world.

We believe every child should have access to the best opportunities at school.

What we do
We supercharge school fundraising.


  • We enable schools to fundraise online - so they can receive donations from anyone, anywhere (from local businesses to Great Aunt Mable!)
  • We provide tips & advice on how to reach a wider audience
  • We have lots of extra funding available from generous partners who want to help schools reach their goals

We’ve already helped over 500 schools across the UK. You can checkout our map of all projects here!

How Rocket Fund works
It's a simple 3 step process:

  1. Create: Schools / PTAs create a project to fundraise for something they want to buy
  2. Share: They share the project with their contacts (friends / alumni / parents / local community)
  3. Donate: People donate to the projects they want to support & we transfer the money to the school / PTA's bank account

Can I create and post a project?
If your project for the benefit of a school or education institution? Then yes! 

To create a project you must be at least 18 years of age. If you're under 18 and want to post a project, you'll need to get someone over 18 to register on the site and be responsible for your project, e.g. your teacher.

How much can I raise?
As much as you like! We recommend you limit your initial target to £1,500. This is to help maximise your chances of success. You can raise more than this, so add a stretch target just in case.

What types of projects can I post
Rocket Fund is designed to help you make your school out of this world. So what would you like to buy? Previous projects have raised money for all sorts of wonderful things: from Virtual Reality headsets and 3D printers to peace gardens, sensory rooms and outdoor play areas!

Does it cost anything to use Rocket Fund?
It is free to create a project on Rocket Fund.
If you successfully fundraise, then there is a 3% platform fee plus the transaction fee. 

Platform fee
To enable us to support more schools (and keep our office lights on) we charge a small (3% +VAT) platform fee on every project. You will only be charged if you are successful, so there's no risk. 

Transaction fee
We add a transaction fee to cover the payment processing costs. This is 1.67% +25p +VAT on every donation made. For non-EU cards (i.e. a pledge from the US), the fee is 3.25% +25p +VAT on each donation.

Any other questions?
Try searching our full help centre (provided by Crowdfunder).

Rocket Fund is brought to you by Crowdfunder, the UK’s leading crowdfunding platform for social causes.

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