We have created a brand new charity function to bring together charity organisations and fundraisers through crowdfunding. We call it ‘Multiplier’.

It’s a really simple way to maximise your fundraising outcomes. Charities set up a charity page, allowing fundraisers to create their own project page to raise money for your cause. Every penny raised by each fundraiser goes directly into your bank account. 

Here are the key features of running a multiplier project

  • The project will be set to Flexible Funding (Keep what you Raise)
  • You can choose to give rewards to the fundraiser - You will be responsible for fulfilling any rewards.
  • Fundraisers cannot add their own rewards
  • Your project will automatically switch to 'Always On' and your rewards will be removed when the project closes so that you can collect the funds being collected by the fundraisers. 
  • Once the fundraisers project closes the funds are transferred in your Bank account 

Here are our multiplier guides, one for you and one for your fundraisers.

Click here to find out more on how to set your multiplier project up . 

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