When setting up a project on the Crowdfunder platform, you have the option of creating a fundraiser or a rewards project. Here we explain the key features of each project type to help you choose the best option for you or your organisation.


If you would like to run a fundraiser you have two options; either running a charity OR a personal fundraiser. 

Charity fundraiser
This is a donation only project on an 'Always on' funding type where funds raised (minus transaction fees) go straight to your chosen charity. We'll add the Gift Aid too!

There are over 20,000 registered charities already registered on our platform so you can choose the charity that means the most to you and get setup in minutes without the need to add any personal banking details.

Fees: We do not charge any Crowdfunder platform fees for individuals who set up their project using our ‘Charity Fundraiser’ service. Instead, we give your supporters the option to donate a little extra to invest in our platform, allowing us to offer this service at no cost to the recipient charities.

Please note that transaction fees will apply.

For charities: If you are a charity and want to accept donations directly from fundraisers and direct donors, please check if you are already registered with Charities Trust and the Crowdfunder platform. If not, here's how to register.

Personal fundraiser
This is a donation only project on a Keep What You Raise basis with a 4 week set duration

It's easy to use Crowdfunder to raise some money quickly for a good or unexpected personal cause. Things such as medical, funeral, education or veterinary bills are good examples of personal crowdfunding projects.

Here's our guide to setting up a fundraiser.

Fees: Transaction fees are applicable. 

If you want to apply for extra funding or add rewards please add as a rewards project


This project type is for individuals or organisations wanting to make their ideas happen. Projects on Crowdfunder come in all shapes and sizes but whether you're working alone or part of a start-up, social enterprise, charity, non-profit community group, this is the route for you. This includes rewards projects,  the big impact programme and community shares.

Fees: Platform and transaction fees are applicable.

Rewards projects - If you're running a rewards crowdfunder you will be provided with a full project page where you can choose your project category, add rewards with access to extra funding, you can choose Keep What you Raise or All or Nothing funding and set your project duration.

Big impact programme - Designed to help the projects that are driving social impact and have the potential to gather a big crowd. You will have the same features as a standard rewards project with the addition of one to one coaching so places for this program are limited.

Multiplier - It allows your supporters to fundraise on your behalf, sending the money directly to you. Anyone can join in, including your friends, family members, colleagues or people in your community.

Community Shares - This is an effective way for groups to raise money for projects that benefit a particular community. They're an increasingly popular way to secure the long-term future of community businesses.

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