Once you launch your project you will have access to your mobile friendly Project Owner dashboard. The streamlined system is user friendly and gives you the tools to make your project even more successful...

You can access your dashboard by signing in to your account clicking on My Projects, select the edit button on the project that you want to view

You can then select the tab on your project dashboard that you want to view

We’ve given you some great new tools to help share your project. As well as the ability to share on social networks and add a widget of your project to your website we’ve added two new features: the ability to create custom UTMs and the ability to add a Facebook pixel. We know you’ve been asking for this so we hope you enjoy using this feature.

The custom UTMs allow you to setup links to your project page which you can then share. Any pledges made via people visiting your project from this link will be tracked. So for example you could create a link for a newsletter, a mailing list, or even a link that you give to someone who is doing promotion for you. You can then track the effectiveness of these campaigns on your dashboard homepage on the table which shows where your pledges are coming from.

The Facebook pixel allows you to link your project with any Facebook advertising you are doing. Again you can use this to track the effectiveness of your campaigns and set your advertising budgets accordingly.

When your project is live your main dashboard will show an overview of how much you’ve raised, how many backers you’ve got, how long your project has to run and what your ‘trending towards’ – this means how much we think you’re going to raise by the time your project finishes. This is based on projects similar to you and how they have funded over time.

You will be able to see two downloadable graphs, the first shows how much you’ve raised each day and your progress to target. the second graph shows the views to your project page. 

We’ve also provided two tables showing which of your rewards (if you have them) are popular, and where your pledges are coming from.

Once your project closes successfully you will then see a summery of what you have raised along with the fees. You will also be able to access your downloadable backer details and VAT statement

On the updates tab you can view all the updates you have published and do the following actions:

  1. Create a new update to publish on your project page by clicking the 'New update' button.
  2. Search your updates by entering a key word or words in the search bar
  3. Edit an update by selecting the 'Edit' button next to the update you would like to edit.
  4. Leave a comment under your update by clicking on the 'Leave a comment' text.

In the supporters tab you can now view your sent message history by clicking on the 'View send message history' button. You can also use the search function to find what messages you have sent by typing in a supporter name or by inputting a key word that was in your message.

In the supporters tab you can choose to message individual, multiple or all your supporter, please click here for to view information on what messages you can send your supporters.

You can also cancel and refund a supporters pledge as long as there is more than 24 hours remaining on your project. Search for the supporters by entering their name in the search bar. Once you have found them click the 'Cancel and refund' button next to the relevant pledge.

Extra funding from our funding partners may be available for your project. You will find the funds you could be eligible for by clicking on the 'Extra Funding' tab.

Click on the 'Apply for funding' button to be taken directly to the application form for that fund. Make sure you click on the 'Show Full Criteria' link on each application before you start completing it to ensure your project is eligible. You can also find all our current funding opportunities on this page.

If you added as a Charity or Personal fundraiser you will be unable to apply for funding or add rewards to your project. You need to add as a Rewards Crowdfunder to be eligible for the funding. Get information about the different product options here.

To edit your project please click on the 'Manage Project' Tab to see what options are available to your project, like early close, refund your whole project and close or edit your project

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