Anyone that meets our creator requirements is eligible to launch a project and our guidelines will explain what projects are appropriate and what are not on Crowdfunder.

To start a project just head to our home page to begin building your project. Be sure to download our three guides with tips and advice from the team to help you plan, create and run your project. 

  1. Planning your project
  2. Creating your project
  3. Running your project

There is plenty more guidance here on the site including bootcamps and webinars which will help lead you all the way from beginning through to success. 

If your project is community based or a social enterprise then you may be eligible for additional funding from our funding partners, have a look  here to see what is available.

Remember you can come back to your project and make amendments as many times as you like, when ready hit the 'Go Live' button or you can schedule your project to go live at a set date and time of your choosing. 

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