It's easy to broadcast live to your Crowdfunder page

It will help you create a real buzz around your project using Facebook

  • You’ll need to have a Facebook fan page
  • Make sure you're in a quiet space 
  • Think about the message you want to put across
  • Make a few notes if you need to
  • It’s important to shoot the video in landscape mode so it looks OK on Crowdfunder
  • Relax – everyone’s right behind you!

Setting it up

Login into Crowdfunder, go to your project page and click the 'Updates' tab under the video.

Add an update title, something like 'We're live now on Crowdfunder!' and your update message - don't post the update just yet.

Next, create a Facebook Live video

Get your Facebook page open in two tabs on your browser. Then hit the 'Live' icon in your update bar on your first browser tab.

Remember to shoot the video in landscape. When you are ready click 'Go Live'.

After a couple of seconds the video will appear on your timeline on your second tab, then click in the top right-hand corner, selecting ‘More options'.

Then click 'Embed'.

Copy the snippet.

Then head back over to your Crowdfunder updates page. On the update click the video 'icon', hit </> and paste the snippet from Facebook. Click 'Post update'.

Your video will appear on Crowdfunder as a Project update and your supporters will receive a Project update email to say you're live.

Smile! You're live on Crowdfunder

Now you can finish your video, clicking the End broadcast button on Facebook when you are done (don’t delete the video!)

If someone has missed it, they can watch it again later on your Updates section.

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