As you collect votes from friends, family and supporters in your community, you’re building your crowd. Crowdfunding allows your supporters to give you funding directly, by contributing financially to your cause, as well as by voting.

You’ll need to set up two project pages – first on the Calor Rural Community Fund voting page platform and then on Crowdfunder through this link.

But once you’re up and running, you can collect votes and raise money at the same time. Just make sure your supporters know they can vote on your Calor page and pledge on your Crowdfunder page.

And we’re giving an extra £100 towards the first 20 projects to raise £200 from more than 20 supporters. (Terms & conditions apply).

There will be plenty of help and support for you along the way, even if you have never crowdfunded before. And whether you are shortlisted or not, you’ll have a chance to walk away with some much-needed funds for your cause. 

Please download our guide here.

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