You have to have started setting up your project on This doesn’t mean that it needs to go live, but the more information that you can provide when creating your project page, the easier it is for partners to get a gist of what your project is all about and decide if it fits their criteria. 

The application process can take from 1-4 weeks, so I would recommend getting an application in as early as possible to be in with the best chance of accessing Extra funding. We try to make sure that our partners’ application forms are easy to fill in, so this should only take a few minutes. It’s also worth reading the specific page for each fund to see the criteria. You can then make sure that your application really addresses those points in particular. 

You can find these specific fund pages here

For most of our funds, you can apply before your project is live. However, some do require that you are live and funding to show that you already have support from the crowd. 

If in doubt, we’re here to help you along with the application process, so feel free to drop us an email via

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