The first thing to note is that in order to apply for any extra funding, you must have begun setting up a Crowdfunder project on the site and filled out enough information on the page for us to pass on to our partners. 

With all of the funds that we have on offer, there is always a community element. However, as we work with over 40 partners, there is often different criteria specific to each fund available. Some partners look for organisations such as social enterprises and CICs, whereas some of our local authority partners love to support local community groups and not-for-profit organisations. 

On the next level of criteria, they may also be looking to support specific community focussed projects such as improving wellbeing, sustainability & environment, developing skills & education, or projects that specifically benefit young people or disadvantaged people within a local community.

Therefore, whilst extra funding is available for all types of projects, it wouldn’t be available for those raising money for their own benefit. The key thing with extra funding is that it’s all about making money go further and having an impact on a community-level. 

Some of our funds are also location based, whereas others are national, so this is another factor to consider when looking to apply. 

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