Supporters love to be kept in the loop on your progress throughout your project and after it has closed, and posting a project update is a great way to do this. The update will appear in the 'Updates' tab on your project page and will also be sent via email to all of your supporters that have selected to receive updates when you first post it. 

Click on the  'Update' tab on your project dashboard then press the New update button.

Or you can simply click on the 'Updates' tab on your project page too. When you are logged into your account, a box will appear at the top of this page where you can add the update (see below). This tab is also where all your updates will appear once they have been added. It is also a great place for someone who hasn't supported you yet to catch up on what you have been up to....

Project updates can be sent after your project closes too! 

Updates are a great way to keep your supporters a part of the project's journey beyond crowdfunding.

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