Crowdfunder is a platform that helps you to raise funds for your idea through rewards, donations or community shares crowdfunding 

Crowdfunder does not cater for those wishing to sell equity investments in their business or borrow money for their business.

Donation crowdfunding

All projects on Crowdfunder are setup to accept donations towards their project, allowing supporters to contribute without any expectation of a return. 

Rewards crowdfunding

We advise all projects to add some rewards! This gives your supporters something in return for their contribution. Click here to find out more about rewards.

Multiplier Projects

Bringing together charity organisations and fundraisers. It’s a really simple way to maximise your fundraising outcomes. Click here to find out more about Multiplier Projects

Community shares

For community owned businesses, we can help you to raise money through a community share issue. Click here to find out more about community shares. 


There are also some other types of projects that are not appropriate on Crowdfunder. Please find more details about this in our Guidelines here.

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