Whether or not your project will be successful comes down to three main factors:

•Do you have a good idea that you know people will get behind?

Crowdfunder projects work well when they are ideas that are clearly needed, ideas that benefit communities and the environment.

•Do you have a crowd of people you can connect with to get the ball rolling?

Ideally you will already have a following for your idea, a Facebook page or email list is best. These supporters will help you get the ball rolling and share so that others will follow.

Having great rewards for your backers will help people you don’t know get involved with the project, and will encourage them to pledge more.

The wider 'Crowd' will be looking to fund projects that are on the move, so it’s hugely important to get off the zero mark early.

• Do you have a realistic target?

The averages supporter contributes £50 towards your Crowdfunder, so for every £10,000 you will be looking to find on average 200 backers for your project. Not everyone will pledge on your project, so for every £10,000 raised you will be looking at getting 1000 to 4000 people to view your project page. 

If you think your idea can reach that many people then Crowdfunder can work for you.

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