Most project owners will give you the option of pledging anonymously on their project. This means that your user name will not appear publicly however the project owner will still receive your contact details.

To do this, simply tick the ‘Pledge anonymously’ box when making your pledge. 

You can also change your pledge to anonymous or public from your pledges section.

Click on 'My pledges' which will take you to your manage payments page.

Click on the plus sign next to the pledge you want to edit. You can then click on the 'Anonymous' button to toggle to anonymous or public.

If the button is green and showing the word on then that means your pledge will show as anonymous on the project's supporter page. 

If it's grey with the words off then your pledge will show on the projects supporter page.

Please note - If you have used Guest Checkout, then you will need to follow the link in the 'Thanks for your pledge' email and signup as a full member to be able to manage your pledges. Click here for more information on how to activate your guest account.

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