How to close your project will depend on what state your project is in and if there is any money pledged on the project yet and how much. 

1. Project live with no money yet pledged

You can take the project offline via your dashboard by clicking on the manage project tab then clicking on the 'Take offline' button. This will put your project back to a temp. editable state, so you can keep working on it and go live at a later date if you wish. 

2. Project live with pledges
If your project is live and has already had pledges, then there may be two options available on your dashboard depending on how much you have raised. 

  • Close and refund - You may have the option to close and refund your supporters. 
  • Close and collect - You may have the option to close and collect the money you have raised depending on how much you have raised. This request will then be manually processed by our team so won't be instant. It can take up to 2 working days, then we will usually set the project to close in 24 hours time. 

If none of these options are showing for you and you want to close the project, please get in touch with the Customer Support Team.

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