Congratulations for receiving extra funding from one of our partner funds! 

Here is a detailed guide on the next steps required. 

How do we receive the extra funds pledged on our project?

We transfer funds from partner pledges a little differently to how we transfer the money that you have raised from the crowd. This is through a different system called a Mango Pay wallet. It includes additional due diligence checks. 

Do we need to fulfil any other criteria to secure the extra funds?

Please note that, unless you have been told otherwise, you will still need to hit your overall funding target to receive the funds. There may also be other criteria that you need to fulfil specific to that fund, please double check the eligibility criteria for the fund.  

In order to be able to receive the funds, you'll need to complete the following two steps.

  1. Send a scan of a bank statement confirming the company's bank account details to This could be a PDF download from your online account or a photo or scanned image of a paper document. We cannot accept screenshots. It must be a document provided by your bank which must show:
    * Account Holder Name and Address
    * Sort Code
    * Account Number
  2. Set up a Crowdfunder Wallet... 

2.a. To do this, click the complete setup button on your project dashboard…

You'll need to set your wallet up as an organisation or a business unless the funding criteria specifically states that sole traders or individuals can apply.

If you are registered with Companies House, you will need to set up as a BUSINESS even if you are a charity or CIC.

2.c. Organisation details - Fill in your registered address and legal representative.

***If you are registered with Companies House this must match your registered address that appears in your official documents*** Your legal representative can also be the CEO or Treasurer of the company. The legal representative will have to provide a form of photo ID to verify their identity in the next step, so make sure that they are happy to provide a passport or driver’s licence. 

2.d. Bank account details - Please enter your company bank account details unless you are a sole trader/individual (where you may enter your personal bank details). ***Please note that the bank account holder name needs to match the business name exactly otherwise your payment may fail (in the case of sole trader/individual it must match the name that the wallet is set up in exactly) ***

2.e. Upload required documents - Please upload the following documents as PDFs; 

  • A passport or form of ID - this must match the legal representative given for the organisation in step 2c.  
  • Proof of registration - For a business please use the most recent confirmation statement or your incorporation document from companies house. In the case of a registered organisation upload your registration document for example you charity registration. If you are not a registered organisation upload your signed constitution here. For a local authority this can be your constitution, standing orders or scheme of administration. In the case of sole trader this can be proof of your registration with HMRC.
  • Certified articles of association - Your articles of association is the document which outlines the purpose of the company and the responsibilities of its members. These would have been registered with Companies House when the company was established. For some companies it is just their Constitution, which is a set of fundamental principles which states how your association is to be structured. For some companies/groups it’s just the one document, their constitution – this can be uploaded in both sections. 
  • Complete the Shareholders UBO Declaration (Businesses and CIC's) - If you do not have shareholders, please add the details for a director, trustee or legal representative instead.

Please ensure your companies documents are dated within the last 12 months. If they are older than 12 months please sign and date them stating they are still current.
***Email if you need any help on what particular documents you can use in your case if you are in any doubt. ***

It will take 72 hours for the documents to be verified. Please check your wallet in 72 hours to make sure that the documents have been accepted. You may need to refresh the page a couple of times to see the updated screen. 

How long will it take for the match funding to be transferred to our account?

After your project has successfully closed and you have completed all of the steps above, it will take approximately 7 working days for the money to be transferred. 

Get in touch if you have any questions. 

Congratulations again!

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