After adding your personal details and bank details, we will ask you to provide a piece of ID to verify that you are who you say you are. Please see detailed instructions on this below.

Where do I upload my ID? 

You can upload your ID in the 'Financials' section of your edit project dashboard.

What ID can I use?

A form of government issued photo ID. e.g a passport or driver’s licence.

This must match exactly the personal details you entered (no nicknames or abbreviations).

Please note: if you are adding an organisation's bank account details, these personal details will be a legal representative for the organisation (usually a signatory on the bank account or the organisation's treasurer). 

What sort of image should I use?

  • If you are uploading a passport, ensure both pages are visible of the photo ID page
  • Make sure that all corners and edges of the passport or driver's licence are visible
  • A photo or scan of the actual ID (a photograph of a printed scan will not be accepted)
  • Clear of glares and shadows and as little blur as possible
  • In colour
  • Under 8MB in size
  • In .png or .jpg format

Passport example:

Driver's licence example:

Please note: If you have been asked to set up a Crowdfunder Wallet in order to receive extra funding, this guidance also applies. 

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